Amateur Radio may be a hobby, but it can also play a crucial role in providing communications during a disaster when other means may not be available. The critical link in any major disaster is the flow of information. During such incidents, amateur radio operators can be called upon for relaying crucial information to emergency management officials.

Amateur Radio operators are located in many areas and, because they do not rely on any infrastructure, they are able to report what is happening in their areas during emergency situations. These reports can then be relayed to officials who can use it to determine what actions may need to be taken. Amateur radio operators may also be assigned to report to a specific location to assist with communications at a shelter, a hospital, or an Emergency Operations Center, to assist in communications as needed and to gather information.

Various class sessions will be offered to help amateur radio operators understand and prepare to provide communications needed to support an emergency incident. These classes will help insure that we can all send and receive messages in the most efficient way possible, learn how nets are organized and operated, and much more. To be a benefit to our served agencies we must be well trained and practiced.

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