Membership Benefits

As a registered ARRL East Bay Section Member you will be able to take a few significant advatages of the functions this web portal provides. Below is list of five reasons why to consider registering with ARRL EB Section:

The portal will implement personalized mailing list according to the each member's unique user profile.

Any ARRL EB Section registered user can take an advantage of file repositories for his or her presentation and/or provide links to documents and fliers listed in particular sections of the web portal.

Local Ham Radio clubs are able to advertise their presence including contacts and basic narrative about their functions and other specialties.

Either if you are a public event organizer and need Ham Radio to support your events or if you hold a ham radio license and would like to participate in a Public Service Event, then take an advantage to be an ARRL EB Section member get needed POC's and How To's according your needs.

ARRL EB Section web portal provides tools and info regarding many other programs, such as Education, ARES, etc. Be a ARRL EB Section member to learn more.

And there are other reasons and benefits to register with ARRL EB Section. In case you have more questions contact us here or you can register here.