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Alan R Thompson, Public Information Officer, The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club -

Alan is a lifelong resident of Placerville, and still lives here with his wife, Debra. First licensed an Amateur Radio Operator at age 11 but off the air for several years due to school, work and family, Alan returned to Ham Radio in 2017 after a 35-year career in the satellite communications industry where he still works as the owner of El Dorado Networks. In 2018, Alan was tapped to be a part of a Disaster Recovery Team that installed several satellite Internet systems to help restore cell-phone service after the Camp Fire rubbed out Internet and telephone communications in Butte County.

What Alan witnessed while working in Paradise and Magalia turned him into an "Accidental Advocate" for fire and disaster preparedness. He realized he needed to alert others to the serious dangers we now face from an over-reliance on vulnerable cell-phone and Internet services here in fire country. Since January 2019, Alan has met with over 50 radio Clubs, Civic Groups, Homeowners' Associations and Fire Safe Councils throughout Northern California and Western Nevada to promote fire and disaster preparedness, and the benefits of implementing Non-Ham Radio safety programs in our communities.

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