The GOTA-HT class has a two sessions. During the first session the use of Handie Talkie (HT) radio is explained. The second session is devoted to practice in using the HT radio.

The first class reviews the controls on the HT radio, the most popular bands (frequencies) for HTs, the difference between simplex and repeater operation, programming your radio, calling on the radio, communication nets, operating protocols and rules, accessories, antennas, phonetic alphabet, public service events, Pacificon and Field Day.

The second class gives you practice in talking on the radio, saying your call sign with phonetic alphabet, passing traffic (Messages) and a common curtesy exchaning information on the net.

In this GOTA-HF class, we will learn the basics of HF communications. Topics to be covered include:

  • Basic equipment of an HF station
  • Demonstrations of operating an HF station
  • Presentation of a recording of an actual HF QSO (contact)
  • The protocol of making contacts on the HF bands, including contesting
  • Sun spots and their effect on the propagation of RF signals in the HF bands
  • Practical dipole and sloper antennas will be demonstrated.

The instructors are practicing communicators in the HF bands.

GOTA Course Date From Date To Fee Location View Details
Get On The Air - HT 10/17/2019 10/24/2019 $ 0.00 Trinity Lutheran Church, 2317 Buena Vista Ave. Walnut Creek, CA 94597 View