Exam Session on July 11th, 2020

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The session was by reservation only, to control the number of candidates that were present in the parking lot at any one time. Five scheduled candidates drove their cars to positions in front of three VEs, where they filled out their paperwork in their cars. The lead VE checked each set of paperwork and directed the candidate to the chair in front of their car, and gave the candidate their test booklet. The candidate sat in the chair, in full view of the three VEs, and took the test on their clipboards.

Once the test was completed, the candidate passed their paperwork to an "In-box" on the VE table and put the test booklet into a "Trash" box for disposal. The candidate then backed their car to a holding area, to wait for the test results. Another car is directed into the empty testing space, and the testing cycle is continued.

A total of 30 candidates were tested that morning, beginning at 8:30 AM and going on until past noon. Since testing was not being offered by other VE groups in the area, some candidates came from 50 miles or more away to be tested. We were glad to provide this much needed service to new hams and to upgrading hams alike. This service will continue to be offered, as long as there is a need for our service.